Mᵉ Michaël Plante

Mᵉ Michaël Plante practices in the fields of family and personal law with the firm FOURCAND. He holds a Bachelor of Laws degree from Université Laval and was named to the Faculty of Law’s Honour Roll for the excellence of his academic record. He also completed a one-year internship at the Superior Court with three judges before being sworn in. His experience has allowed him to be involved in major litigation and to plead before various judicial bodies in Québec, including the Court of Appeal.

Mᵉ Plante regularly appears before the Superior Court of Québec, where he represents married, civil union and de facto union clients on issues such as child custody/parenting time, spousal and child support, establishment of notional income, financial division of the couple, school choice, travel authorization, provisions for expenses, etc.

He has been involved in sensitive cases involving spousal abuse, parental alienation and severe loyalty conflicts. He has also pleaded applications for habeas corpus in cases of unlawful detention of children by a parent. He also works on cases with complex financial issues or requiring prejudgment seizures, seizure-executions or Mareva orders. A seasoned litigator, Mᵉ Plante also represents his clients in settlement conferences and private mediations.

Notably, he participated in the preparation of an important brief and in the preparation of the hearing in the case of Association de médiation familiale du Québec v. Bouvier before the Supreme Court of Canada.

In addition, Mᵉ Plante can advise his clients in labour and employment law, having previously worked for an international law firm and having received a scholarship awarded to the student with the best results in this field of law.