MZoubida Khaled

Mᵉ Zoubida Khaled obtained her bachelor’s degree in civil law from the University of Sherbrooke’s Faculty of Law, where she was also involved as Vice-President of Events with the Business and Investment Law Committee. Her rigorous approach and excellent analytical skills enable her to advise her clients effectively.

With a keen interest in pleading, Mᵉ Khaled frequently pleads before the Superior Court of Québec as well as the Court of Québec, in both English and French. She has been involved in many types of cases, including divorces, changes in custody, travel authorization, choice of school as well as domestic violence. Mᵉ Khaled has also assisted clients with requests to dismiss appeals before the Court of Appeal, as well as cases involving the revocation of judgments.

In addition to her family law practice, Mᵉ Khaled is also able to advise her clients in Immigration law, having worked in the field for various federal and provincial applications, whether for sponsorship, work permits with or without LMIA, study permits or visa and supervisa. Further, she has represented clients before de Federal Court in Applications for judicial review.

Furthermore, Mᵉ Khaled regularly assists her clients in negotiation meetings and in Settlement conferences.