Mᵉ Frédéric Sabourin-Côté

Mᵉ Frédéric Sabourin-Côté
(514) 394-7496 #2309

Mᵉ Frédéric Sabourin-Côté focuses his practice on family law and youth protection since the very beginning of his career. He obtained his law degree from Université Laval and distinguished himself during his studies by participating in the university’s legal clinic, where he accompanied his clients with empathy.

Mᵉ Sabourin-Côté regularly appears before the Court of Québec and the Superior Court. He has also pleaded in appeal in various instances. He has worked on several high-profile cases, including domestic violence, parental alienation, child relocation requests and divorce cases involving complex financial issues.

Having participated in numerous Settlement Conferences and private mediation sessions presided by retired judges, Mᵉ. Sabourin-Côté guides clients with professionalism in their divorce, child custody and adoption cases, as well as all your disputes involving the Director of Youth Protection.

Mᵉ Sabourin-Côté has developed a solid experience in cases requiring urgent involvement, notably in safeguard orders or requests for immediate protective measures in Youth Division.