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Family Law and Wealth Management:
Episode 3 – Unmarried Couples in Québec
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Host & Guests

Me Fourcand

Ruben Antoine

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About this Episode

In Québec, approximately 40% of couples are not married – the highest percentage across Canada. At the same time, the legal protection offered by the family patrimony and matrimonial regimes only apply to married couples.

What happens when unmarried couples separate? How can you protect yourself, your family, and your assets? Patricia Fourcand explains the key aspects of family law that unmarried couples need to understand when it comes to separation or division of assets and ongoing support.

On this episode, Ruben and Patricia discuss the difference between common-law and de facto spouses, legal recourses available for certain de facto spouses, the imbalance in protection for married and unmarried couples, how recent legal cases have created an opening for de facto spouses, why you might want to have a domestic contract with your partner, and so much more!

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